Screen Rant – The Beautiful Journey – Then, Now & Forever

Ed. Note: The following is a special message penned from our very own CEO, Hassan Youssef

As some of you may know, Valnet is a consolidator of media brands with a simple mission:

“An honest pledge to deliver mission-critical content that enriches and entertains millions worldwide through our captivating and diverse portfolio of brands.”

Contrary to what many may think, acquiring businesses is not difficult. All it requires is the will and the capital. Now, acquiring a great business/brand is a privilege, a luxury, an honor of rare occurrence. When we acquired Screen Rant back in Feb 2015, we knew it was special, but didn’t fully comprehend its potential. Who knew it was going to be a generational brand that would stand the test of time and grow far beyond what anyone could have ever imagined?

A little perspective (the numbers below have held steady for the last 3+ yrs):

  • Well over 100M users monthly / 65% US
  • Close to 100,000 original pieces of content a year
  • #1 in Search for “Movie News”
  • #1 in Search for “TV Show News”

This is primarily due to resiliency and passion. 20 years of singular focus on delivering for our audience with good and steady fundamentals.

I recall having a conversation with Rob (Mr. Keyes has been with SR for 15+ years). We discussed that whatever happens with Screen Rant, it will be one of those things that is great while we are here and even greater when we are long gone. We are well on our way, my friend!

To our beautiful, ever-growing team and everyone else in this great ecosystem that allowed and enabled Screen Rant to become what it is today, we say thank you and are deeply and forever grateful.

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Special thanks to The Rock, Ludacris, Marvel’s Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, Adam DeVine, Jeremy Latcham, Julie McNiven, Antonio Banderas, and everyone else who took precious time out of their busy lives to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Screen Rant.

A Note About The Future

We are undoubtedly entering an era of efficiency, and artificial intelligence is likely to wipe out most commoditized actions and work. In this new environment, originality, quality and uniqueness are likely to thrive even further and, on behalf of the Screen Rant team, I promise we will lead the way.

Humble & Hungry forever!

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