Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc Age: How Old Is She? Gérard Blanc Wife Wiki & Relationship

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc is Gérard Blanc’s wife, a French singer, who died on January 24, 2009, just disclosed why she wished to die with him. It’s been fourteen years since the singer died. Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc was the French musician’s wife. The late singer’s wife revealed information about their last moments together in an interview with a French television program. Brigitte said her spouse passed away on her shoulder. She also spoke about how tough it was for her. Let us learn about Gerard Blanc’s widow, Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc, in today’s little piece.

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc and Age: How Old Is She?

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc is the widow of Gerard Blanc, a well-known French singer. The wife of the late musician appeared to be in her fifties. Little is known about Brigitte’s profession. Brigitte noted on her social media profile, “Support for artists.” Participation in the process of creation. And ALWAYS keep bringing GERAR to life.” The late singer’s widow continues to post videos and photos of her late husband. Gerard Blanc was a singer, composer, guitarist, and actor from France. He worked from 1969 through 2009. Mr. Blanc came to notoriety in the 1970s as a member of the band Marin Circus, which was founded in the late 1960s.

After assisting in the production of Princess Stephanie of Monaco’s first album in 1980, he established a solo career. Four of his tracks charted in France, including the summer hits “Une Autre Histoire” (#2 in 1987) and “Du soleil dans la nuit” (#10).

Gérard Blanc and Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc’s Relationship Timeline

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc met Gérard, her late husband and famous musician, in 1993. Both, though, were in a relationship with their partners at the time. They chose to become close friends. Both of them divorced their respective spouses a few years later. It was almost magical for them. The cute couple started dating in 1999. Finally, after over eight years of courting, the Blanc couple married in 2007.

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Their love and support for one another have only grown over time. Their love and friendship exemplified pure love. Gérard Blanc died on January 25, 2009, as a result of a brain hemorrhage. The singer has no children with Brigitte. He did, however, have a daughter, Laura Blanc, with his ex-partner, Annie Pujol.

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc Stated She Wanted to Die with Her Husband.

“We had promised to die together,” Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc said on a French television program, a begin aujourd’hui, on February 1, 2023. Agathe Natanson, the widow of Jean-Pierre Marielle, was also on the show presented by Faustine Bollaert. Brigitte spoke on how difficult it was to cope with the singer-songwriter’s death. She said that she wanted to die after the loss of her husband. “I felt like leaving because he died in my arms at home,” Brigitte said.

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc

His wife described the singer’s last moments, saying, “Gérard Blanc passed away one evening at home while lying on my shoulder.” Gerard reportedly informed Brigitte Skiavi, “I’m not feeling very well.” On the day he died, the two had just completed working on a video montage together on a couch. The French singer-guitarist passed away on his lady love’s shoulder.

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