DJ Azex’s Obituary: How Did He Die? Death Cause, Real Name And Net Worth

DJ Azex’s death has been one of the most widely circulated stories; he was an Indian DJ and music producer. DJ Azex, commonly known as “The SMILING DJ,” was an Indian music producer and live performer. He was noted for getting any audience to move to his rhythm, and his collaborators included well-known performers like JStar and Milind Gaba.

Azex started playing with FL Studio when he was 18 years old. Through patience and hard work, he has developed into an unstoppable musician with great live DJ skills. His appealing tracks and ability to generate electronic explosions won him multiple state DJ prizes. People have been inquisitive regarding the cause of his death since news of his demise broke.

DJ Azex’s Death And Obituary: Did He Kill Himself?

DJ Azex Real name is Akshay Kumar. He is a well-known and influential DJ in India and was discovered dead at his Bhubaneswar home under unknown circumstances. The inquiry is still underway, and the specific cause of death has not been disclosed. As a result, we cannot say whether he committed suicide or not. However, according to other accounts, his family discovered him hanging in the room, which has yet to be verified. His family has been cooperative and is awaiting an autopsy to determine the reason for his death. Azex was in his room during a rainstorm when the electricity went off, according to a family member.

There was a violent thunderstorm and considerable rainfall in several regions of India that day, and electricity was off for an extended period of time. When they went to check on him at 10 p.m., his room was locked, and he did not react. Later, his family discovered his corpse hanging in his chamber and immediately sent it to the Capital hospital morgue for additional inspection. Condolences and prayers have been sent to his family and friends. Many well-known Indian artists have paid respect to him.

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DJ Azex’s Family

Azex was a small-town boy born into a middle-class household. He rose to prominence after collaborating with a number of well-known acts. Azex never revealed anything about his family in public. He was obsessed with his profession. He was a gifted man who swiftly honed his abilities, got valuable experience, and has a distinct and outstanding style. He also focused on forming alliances with foreign musicians and releasing songs with major record companies. He appeared at a number of music events around the country.

DJ Azex

People are typically aware of his professional knowledge, but few are aware of his personal life since he keeps it secret. DJ Azex Salary Fans of Death Azex are inquisitive about his net worth and career earnings. He never announced his net worth to the public, thus according to some statistics, he may have a net worth of 50 thousand Indian rupees. Azex’s main source of income came from his work as a music producer and DJ. Azex’s revenue would most likely come from playing at events and concerts, creating music for other artists, selling his work, and maybe getting royalties from the music that was played.

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