Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Future Back In Flux After James Gunn’s Latest DC Comments


  • James Gunn’s recent comments on the DCU raise questions about Gal Gadot’s future as Wonder Woman, signaling the possibility of another actor taking on the role.
  • While Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman has been popular, the rebooted DCU under Gunn and Safran may not include her as one of the returning actors.
  • Despite uncertainty surrounding Gadot’s future as Wonder Woman, it’s possible that she could continue playing the character in separate Elseworld projects within the DCU.

James Gunn has shared new comments about the DCU that raise more questions about the future of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Through the ups and downs of the DCEU, Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman has remained a highlight. The Israeli actor has a natural charisma that translates perfectly into bringing Diana Prince to life. Wonder Woman was a box office hit and one of the few DCEU films that received near-universal praise. The sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, didn’t find the same level of success, though it wasn’t the fault of Gadot’s performance..

However, despite her portrayal of the character remaining popular and Gadot making appearances in several other DC projects, it’s unclear if she will join the few actors continuing into Gunn and Saffran’s new DCU. The DCEU is being rebooted as the DCU, and other franchise vets like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are not returning. There is no official word on whether Gadot will continue playing the Amazonian, but Gunn’s recent comments seem to tease that another actor may be taking the role moving forward.

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James Gunn’s List Of Returning Leads On Threads Doesn’t Include Gal Gadot

Gunn and Peter Safran are rebooting the DC universe in 2024, starting with Creature Commandos and then 2025’s Superman: Legacy. While some DCEU actors will not return, there is still some uncertainty regarding others, such as Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Zachary Levi as Shazam. Recently, a user on Threads asked Gunn about which actors will continue to play their respective DC characters. In response, Gunn wrote: “Xolo Maridueña will continue playing Blue Beetle in the DCU, as Viola Davis will Amanda Waller, and John Cena will Peacemaker.”

James Gunn Thread Cropped

This list only confirms that three actors will carry over from the DCEU to the DCU, but there are other characters like Freddie Stroma’s Vigilante, who Gunn previously said will return. A notable omission from this list is Gadot as Wonder Woman. Gunn hasn’t officially said Gadot isn’t coming back, but the status of her role as Diana is up in the air. She is fantastic in the role, but the issue is that most of the other Justice League members are not returning, and bringing her back could create even more confusion. However, Gunn did confirm that there will be Elseworld projects, so it’s possible that Gadot could continue playing Wonder Woman in a separate universe.

Wonder Woman’s Confusing DC Future Explained

gal gadot Cropped

Gunn’s recent Thread is the latest story that is creating uncertainty around Gadot’s Wonder Woman future. Gadot kicked off speculation by claiming Wonder Woman 3 is being developed by her and Gunn. However, her statement has since failed to gain traction, and reports indicate that Wonder Woman 3 may not be in the works after all. Director Patty Jenkins said she was not returning to direct a third film, so if Gadot does return, it would be very different from the previous two films. Despite other returning actors, Gunn seems to be building his universe from the ground up, which doesn’t seem promising for Gadot’s return as Wonder Woman.

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