Gil Membrado Age: How Old Is He? Rally Driver Wiki And His Parents Details

Following his historical achievement, many people are seeking Gil Membrado Wikipedia to discover more about him. Membrado, Spain’s youngest rally driver, does not have a driver’s license yet just won a major rally event. As a consequence, he has become a huge phenomenon throughout this year’s Spanish rally season.

Membrado won his first major race in the Spanish Gravel Rally Cup, the Reino De Leon Rally. In an interview after his triumph, the teenage rally driver said that many of his competitors were not yet accustomed to sharing the circuit with him and were upset that he defeated them. So, who exactly is Gil Membrado? Learn more about the youngest rally driver in the video below.

Gil Membrado And Age: How Old Is The Rally Driver?

Gil Membrado was born in Barcelona, Spain on October 25, 2007. He is just 15 years old in 2023. Gil is regarded as a kid prodigy by the most learned. He made his debut in the 2021 European Rally Championship under the auspices of the Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation. Membrado was 13 years old at the time, making him the youngest rally driver. Surprisingly, Membrado has been driving rally vehicles for five years, having started his career in 2018.

Gil Membrado won his first major race in the Spanish Gravel Rally Cup, the Reino De Leon Rally. The 15-year-old has gained access to an exclusive club of “rallies.” That young guy disappears as he puts on his helmet and takes the wheel of his car, thanks to his expertise behind the wheel. He set the record for the youngest driver to win a rally in Spain in his third test, which he accomplished at León. He said that he was taken aback by his victory. “They were quick stages, and they suited my driving style,” Gil said of the course, which he claimed perfectly complimented his potential and ability.

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Gil Membrado Doesn’t Have a Driver’s License

Gil said that he felt completely at ease doing what he loves best: slamming the accelerator pedal and leaving a trail of smoke behind him. “There’s also adrenaline on the podium,” he stated after going to the highest box, something he isn’t accustomed to. However, the most incredible photos were taken after the tournament had ended. Gil departed after victory while his co-driver drove the vehicle.

“I don’t have a driver’s license.” “I still have a couple of years left,” the little prodigy chuckled. He still has three years until he can apply for a driver’s license and compete in the World Rally Championship (WRC). Membrado’s ultimate goal is to compete full-time in the World Rally Car.

Gil Membrado

Meet Gil Membrado’s Father, Jose Maria Membrado.

Jose Maria Membrado, Mother Gil Membrado’s father, is a former professional rally driver. She is said to have won the Catalan Championship twelve times. Jose Maria, according to reports, is now devoted to removing snow off highways. Jose Maria was the first to see Gil’s potential. After a Campus and Karting course on the Fernando Alonso circuit, Jose plainly understood Gil’s route.

Gil’s mother’s identity has not been revealed. She must, however, be supportive of her son’s work. It is unknown if the young rally driver has siblings. Gil Membrado, a 15-year-old Spanish rally driver, just won his first major race, the Reino De Leon Rally in the Spanish Gravel Rally Cup.

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