Loki Season 2 Poster Shows 10 Differently Costumed Lokis & Return Of Miss Minutes


  • Marvel Studios has released a new Loki season 2 poster, indicating the start of marketing for the upcoming Disney+ show.
  • The poster features Miss Minutes and multiple versions of Loki, creating an intriguing visual countdown.
  • Loki season 2 is set to premiere on Friday, October 6, and will play a crucial role in the Multiverse Saga of the MCU.

A brand-new Loki season 2 poster has been released as Marvel Studios starts marketing the upcoming Disney+ show. Tom Hiddleston is only a few months away from returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Loki season 2 is Marvel Studios’ next Disney+ show to come out, following the conclusion of Secret Invasion. As The Multiverse Saga gets deeper in, Loki season 2 will play a crucial role in the MCU.

To get ready for Loki season 2, Marvel Studios has finally started marketing the Disney+ series’ epic return. While no footage has been released yet, Disney+ and Marvel Studios debuted a new Loki season 2 poster to give a taste of what’s coming up.

The tweet unveiling the Loki season 2 poster revealed there were 100,000 minutes until its premiere on Friday, Oct. 6, which converts to a little more than 69 days (69.4 to be exact).

The Loki season 2 poster uses Miss Minutes as a clever visual countdown while showing multiple versions of Loki walking in circles. There are four versions of Loki wearing the button down and shoulder strap getup, one in the TVA jumpsuit, three wearing a jacket and tie, one in his classic cloak and horns look and a final Loki in a green jacket and bowler hat.

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When Will The Loki Season 2 Trailer Release?

Loki Season 2 Trailer

To this point, Disney+ has been very limited in showing footage for the new season, other than a few glimpses back in February and a Loki season 2 trailer that only screened to advertisers. The next question is when Marvel Studios will finally officially release their first Loki season 2 trailer. At this point, it wouldn’t be shocking if it comes as early as next week or at least within August, even if it is a teaser trailer.

Looking at past MCU shows from Disney+ in terms of marketing, because the premiere windows have been a lot tighter previously, especially during Phase 4, trailers have rolled out differently. But given the almost four months space between Secret Invasion and Loki season 2, time will tell if Disney+ is debuting a new trailer for the latter in the coming weeks. Nevertheless, the fact that Disney+ has even started marketing Loki season 2 with the poster is a good sign that more promotional material is on its way.

With everything that is coming up in Loki season 2, including the massive setup in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, it will be interesting to see how the show factors into The Multiverse Saga. What is also intriguing is whether Loki season 2 will also set up Deadpool 3, as it has been heavily rumored that the TVA will be part of Wade WIlson’s story before he joins the MCU properly. Hopefully, there will be a Loki season 2 trailer soon to reveal what to expect from the show.

Source: Marvel Studios

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