Rhianna Pratchett Husband: Is She Married? Dating History And Relationship

Rhianna Pratchett has been thrust into the spotlight as a result of her father’s transphobic statements, but netizens are eager about her personal life; is Rhianna Pratchett married? The 46-year-old director of ‘Narrativia Multimedia Production,’ Rhianna Pratchett, is best known as a BAFTA-nominated English video game writer and journalist.

She is also known as ‘the sole child’ of the late Terry Pratchett. Terry was a well-known fantasy novelist who published a number of books. Rhianna, like her father, has the ability to transform a basic game visual into a loving, approachable figure. She is the one who created the human-like ‘Lara’ from ‘Tomb Raider.’ Some say that science fiction and video games are “not for girls.” Rhianna, on the other hand, proves them incorrect.

Rhianna Pratchett’s Movie Hall Proposal: Is She Married?

Rhianna Pratchett lives a highly sought-after life in which she claims to be over relationships and appreciates not having to deal with the troubles that come with them. Despite the fact that she is currently unmarried, Rhianna formerly had a fiancé called ‘Louis Leigh,’ who is also a fantasy writer. They first met at a writer’s gathering in New York, USA. Louis Leigh is not as well-known as Rhianna, but he is a member of the “who’s who” of gaming writers.

Rhianna and Louis initially met on Leigh’s 35th birthday. They went to see ‘The Blues Brothers’ late at night at the Screen on the Green in Islington. After being with Rhianna for 5 years, Leigh proposed to her in August 2013 in the same location as their first date. The pair seemed to be in love in the engagement photos.

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The author got a really wonderful proposal in front of a large cinema crowd, while an animated film about her life was playing in the background. The video was entirely animated by two friends, comic artist Naniibim and musician Michael Kruk. Rhianna revealed her feelings in an interview, saying,

I didn’t recognize myself at first since it was such an unexpected but lovely experience.

After the animated movie ended, Louis went down on one knee and proposed to her with a stunning diamond ring, to which she clearly answered yes. However, Rhianna Pratchett’s storybook marriage to Louis Leigh did not last long. Unfortunately, the pair called off their engagement after dating for eight years.

How Did Louis Leigh Assist Rhianna Pratchett During Her Controversy?

It is unknown what prompted the dream couple to split up, but the pair has remained respectful of each other after the split. Though ‘Rhianna Pratchett’s Married Louis Leigh’ never made headlines, Louis was an important part of her life, helping her through her difficult public moments.

Rhianna Pratchett made headlines in August 2021 when it was revealed that her father, the late Terry Pratchett, was a transphobic writer. She was adamant about showing that the reported charges were false, and her father had never written anything discriminating towards any gender. Rhianna also supported her father on the subject, stating,

This is quite terrifying. If my father were still alive, he would most absolutely not be a GC. Examine the books.

Rhianna Pratchett

Despite being estranged from Rhianna, Louis said on an Instagram post that the late author’s writings promoted tolerance for people regardless of gender identification. Despite their broken engagement, Rhianna and Pratchett seem to have a pretty amicable relationship. Louis’s unwavering support for his ex-fiancée demonstrates that the love may have left, but the respect has not.

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