Superman Legacy’s New Costume Can Bring Back One Detail Missing For 36 Years


  • Superman: Legacy could bring back the iconic cape logo that has been missing from Superman movies for 36 years, a good step towards honoring the classic Superman of the comics.
  • The suit design for Superman: Legacy holds immense importance as it represents a departure from the dark themes and storylines that characterized Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the hero in the DCEU.
  • James Gunn’s new DC Universe promises to stay true to the comic book version of Superman, giving fans hope that this time the portrayal of the beloved character will be more faithful. The perfect Superman costume design is crucial in achieving this goal.

After 36 years, Superman: Legacy can finally see the return of an important costume detail. James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy promises to be quite the start for the new DC Universe. While the DCU’s first project will be the animated Creature Commandos series, which is aiming for a 2024 release, the 2025 Superman: Legacy will be the first movie of the new DC Universe, featuring not only Superman’s debut but a whole host of famous DC characters. Leading Superman: Legacy are David Corenswet as Clark Kent and Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane.

The balance between both the Clark Kent and Superman sides of Corenswet’s character will be put on display by the presence of Lois and Jimmy Olsen on one side and the Man of Steel’s interactions with the multiple heroes confirmed for Superman: Legacy on the other. With so many heroes, plenty of Superman action should be seen, which means Corenswet needs to have the perfect suit. Heated debates over whether there should be trunks or no trunks in Superman: Legacy‘s new costume have already started, and while that is a key aspect of the suit, there is another possible classic addition to the costume that seems to be going unnoticed.

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Superman: Legacy’s Suit Can Finally Bring Back The Cape Logo

Superman’s cape logo has not been seen in a movie since Christopher Reeve’s last solo movie as the Man of Steel, 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, marking 36 years since the iconic suit detail last appeared in a Superman movie. With Superman: Legacy being all about bringing the hero back to basics, with Gunn saying multiple times that he wants the classic Superman of the comics to be put on the screen in Superman: Legacy, bringing back the missing cape logo that was a marquee of Reeve’s Superman films, which were great adaptations of what Superman represents, would be a good step for the DC Universe.

Why Superman: Legacy’s Suit Is So Important

Custom image of David Corenswet in Pearl and Christopher Reeve & Henry Cavill's Superman suits.

The DCEU notably did not do right by Superman. Henry Cavill’s version of the hero never got the chance to be true to his Boy Scout self from the comics, with Superman always involved in dark themes and storylines throughout his time in the DCEU. While Zack Snyder has explained that his DCEU plan was for Clark Kent to go on a journey that would end with him finally being true to his lighter self from the comics, the director ended up parting ways with the DCEU before that happened. Cavill’s Superman was then left aside by DC, never getting the chance to complete his journey.

With Gunn’s new DC Universe aiming to be closer to the comics than the DCEU ever was, Superman can finally be true to his classic self, and getting Superman: Legacy‘s costume right would be a good sign for fans that, this time, things will be different. Hundreds of Superman costume designs have been made, according to Gunn, who says “it is most definitely not simple” to find the perfect one. With Superman: Legacy aiming to begin filming at the start of 2024, set photos could end up revealing the new Superman suit in a few months, and maybe the cape logo will be present.

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