The Batman 2 Script Update In New Report, Matt Reeves Expected To Resume Soon


  • Warner Bros. Discovery is prioritizing the conclusion of the script for “The Batman 2” after the Writers Guild of America strike, ensuring the production timeline won’t be significantly disrupted.
  • With the WGA strike and ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike affecting the filming start date, a 2024 production start for “The Batman 2” seems more realistic.
  • Despite the strikes, there is a two-year gap between finishing the script and the release date of “The Batman 2,” making it less susceptible to the impact and ensuring 2025 will be a big year for DC with other anticipated films.

The Batman 2 script update bodes well for director Matt Reeve’s expansion plans for his corner of the wide DC universe. Robert Pattinson proved he was the perfect choice for Reeves’ younger Bruce Wayne in The Batman. The movie was greatly received, with The Batman‘s ending setting up several potential storylines that could be followed up by its sequel, The Batman 2, which has just received an exciting piece of news.

A report by Variety claims that Warner Bros. Discovery is prioritizing Reeves’ work on concluding The Batman 2‘s script now that the Writers Guild of America strike is over. The WGA strike was resolved after 148 days, which left the development process of The Batman 2‘s story on pause for a long period of time. Thanks to the film being a top priority now that Hollywood’s writers get back to work, it is possible that the production’s timeline won’t be disrupted too much.

Will The Batman 2 Release Date Be Delayed?

The Batman 2 is currently slated for an October 3, 2025, release. Superhero movies normally go before cameras around a year before their release date. By that logic, Pattinson’s The Batman sequel would have to start filming by October 2024. Back in February, a The Batman 2 filming report claimed the movie would go into production this November, but with the WGA strike delaying Reeves’ script and the SAG-AFTRA strike still ongoing, with actors unable to work, the movie’s filming start is almost certainly getting delayed.

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While no official word has emerged pertaining to when The Batman 2 might start filming, a 2024 production start seems like the most realistic scenario. When that might be is what is important. If The Batman 2 starts shooting before October 2024, which — judging by Warner’s decision to fast-track the movie’s script — seems likely, then the movie will most likely not need to be delayed.

In the end, there are still two years between when Reeves should be finishing The Batman 2‘s script and when the movie is slotted to release. That long gap makes it so the impact of the Hollywood strikes should not hit The Batman 2 too heavily, making a delay unlikely. 2025 should continue to be one of DC’s biggest years, with James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy starting the new DC Universe and Reeves’ The Batman 2 continuing the story of Pattinson’s Dark Knight.

Source: Variety

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