Venita Akpofure Age: How Old Is She? Relationships and Family

Venita Akpofure is a well-known British Nigerian actress, model, and former video vixen. Born on January 1, 1987, this diverse artist has overcome personal hardships and made a name for herself on BBNaija All-Star Edition. Today, we’ll look at “How old is Venita Akpofure” and various parts of her personal and professional life.

The importance of superstars like Venita is not exclusively determined by their age or professional achievements. Their personal tales, hardships, and tenacity often attract the audience. This article tries to provide readers a look inside Venita Akpofure’s life.

Venita Akpofure’s Age and Family History

Venita Akpofure was born on January 1, 1987. She is 36 years old as of 2023. Her combined British-Nigerian ancestry has shaped her identity and profession. She began her basic school career in Benin as a kid. She returned to England at the age of nine, broadening her viewpoint and experiences.

Marriage and Disputes

Her marriage is one facet of Venita’s life that has received a lot of media attention. The actress was supposedly married to Terna Tarka for five years. According to reports, particularly from Stella Dimoko-Korkus, their relationship had difficulties, including claimed physical abuse and financial distress.

Participation in BBNaija All-Stars and Updates

Venita’s involvement in BBNaija All-Stars Season 8 was a recent highlight in her life. She was not only involved in ordinary roommate activities but she was also involved in family problems. A video of Venita and her cousin, Neo Akpofure, settling a long-standing disagreement exemplifies their emotional bond.

Family Dynamics and Relationships

Aside from the BBNaija house turmoil, Venita’s friendship with Neo’s girlfriend, Vee, has sparked debate. Venita and Vee clearly have opposing viewpoints, generating periodic schisms within the family relations.

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Venita Akpofure

Venita’s Transparency About Her Personal Life

Venita’s candor regarding her personal life distinguishes her. For example, she has been open about her sexual behavior, saying that she had intercourse once every six months. Such intimate revelations demonstrate her honesty.


Venita Akpofure, although well-known for her on-screen performances and appearances on BBNaija, is much more than her age or job. Many people find the 36-year-old actress’s personal story, relationships, and fortitude to be appealing.

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