Who Are Leizel And Jom Abaya? Meet Andi Abaya Parents: Wiki And Family

Andi Abaya’s Parents have a close connection with their daughter and have been supportive of her job. Andi is a Filipino-Chinese performer and model who entered the market after finishing second in the Pinoy Big Brother Connect in 2020. She is also a television and social media star who has been publishing stuff on her TikTok account and has thousands of followers.

Who Are the Parents of Andi Abaya? Jom Abaya and Leizel Abaya

The television personality was born on January 8, 2002, in Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. According to famous birthdays, Andi Abaya’s parents are Father Jomini Abaya and Mother Leizel L. Abaya, who has supported her child’s profession. However, information about her parents, such as their age, job, and daily lives, is not provided to the public, maybe to keep their private life secret. As a parent of an entertainer, they are often questioned by fans and media about their children, which may be tiring for some parents.

So it’s possible Andrea has kept her parents’ information hidden and has been effective in doing so up to this point. Nonetheless, Abaya’s parents seem to be supportive of their kid and have pushed her to pursue her dreams and pursue a job.

Andi Abayas Family

Andi Abaya was born in Metro Manila, Philippines, to her parents, Leizel Abaya and Jom Abaya. She has three siblings Anika, Alec, and Aliyah, with whom she has spent her whole life. But Andi has always been a shy person who dislikes discussing her personal life with the public and prefers not to combine her personal and professional lives. As a result, she has never shared any information about her parents or siblings, effectively keeping it hidden by avoiding any questions.

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According to Candy Mag, a 21-year-old attended De La Salle Santiago Zobel and was a cheerleader. The television personality is also a member of Squad Plus, which creates varied material on its YouTube account to have fun and get to know its followers better. According to people, the actress made her first starring part in the film “Caught in the Act” alongside Joaquin Domagoso, a high school film in which senior students assist in arresting criminals.

Andi Abaya’s Net Worth

Andi Abaya’s net worth is unknown, however, she is said to be somewhere between $500K and $1 million. As a well-known television personality, TikTok star, and Actor, the majority of her earnings come from the entertainment business. As a Squad Plus member and TikTok celebrity with over 40K followers, she may have been paid heavily for her social media posts, as mentioned by notable celebrities.

Andi Abaya

In addition, when the Love in 40 Days cast finished second in the ABS-CBN entertainment group’s Pinoy Big Brother Connect, she received a cash award of over a thousand dollars. Aside from that, she has generated millions of dollars via her YouTube channel, thanks to her material and the song covers she created from the original candy mag. As a well-known Filipino actress, she has appeared in various advertisements and as a model for TV commercials for products such as Eskinol and Charmee, which may have paid her much over time. Nonetheless, a 21-year-old television personality has a long way to go in the entertainment sector and earns millions of dollars for her efforts and abilities.

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